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A Sister’s Love

on February 10, 2012

Yesterday, I met with my best friend and spent the entire day just talking and catching up with each other. I told her about our blog and how I would very much like for her to contribute since I know, she did have very strong moments with the Lord to share.

You see, her older sister was diagnosed with breast cancer some 8 years back. Her sister has been married and had two wonderful daughters. Growing up, my best friend and her sister were not that close. They would always bicker and get at each other’s backs. But as they grew older, the bond also grew stronger – this was most especially during the time that my best friend was caring for her sister during her cancer treatments. I am no stranger to their family and I saw how my best friend loved her sister so much to the point that she was even willing to delay marriage just so she can still help the family care for her sister.

Being an only child, I can only be envious of this sisterhood… but their family has been good to me as well and considered me as one of their own. I’ve been with my best friend and her elder sister long enough for me to also form a bond with the latter. So it was very devastating for us when the elder sister joined our Father in July of last year – a few days short of my Christian wedding.

I was heart-broken, but mine can’t measure to that of what my best friend felt during that time. She was with her sister all the way – up until the very last moment, the very last breath…

This February, Cheche, the sister who passed away, would have celebrated her birthday. I still remember last year’s celebration amidst my best friend’s wedding preparations – when she was still full of life and vigor and hope. So this year, I told my best friend that we should give some tribute to Cheche and I’d like to share their story in this blog – a story of sisters who loved each other till the end…

Below is my best friend’s Facebook note, written the day after Cheche passed…

You’re my Idol (Idol Kita) by Ivy Shella

Allies, partners in crime, rivals…

I had ATE CHE-CHE as my elder sister.

Cheche, full of life, hope and faith

We fought, we patched up. We laughed at jokes that no one can understand. We said some of the meanest things to each other. We defended each other when others won’t. We did some of the silliest things together and there were so many stories to be recalled when we were together.

Through some of the harshest times, we became mute to one another. Yet through it all, the coldness will eventually thaw and melt away and we’re right back to where we’ve left things, that is, like nothing has ever been missing…

Well, I would say,  sisters are really like that… and for that, I will surely miss ATE CHE-CHE. I’ve been with her in her fight for breast cancer. I saw her in pains and in joys even in going in and out of the hospital. I witnessed most of her major struggles to win the greatest fight for her life, that is to live longer for her husband, Kuya Ian, for her two lovely daughters, Guianna and Aliana and for all of us, her family and friends. She had been so brave that you can’t help but get inspired of her faith and hope. She didn’t mind the pain brought by insertions and serious treatments. She never surrendered until the last minute of her life. Until now, I can still feel the warmth of her hand when she last touched mine… that would always remind me to be strong in facing life’s most difficult situation.

I’ll be missing you Ate Che-che…your laughters, your jokes, your crazy advises and your never-ending stories. Thank you for giving as so much inspiration. IDOL KITA!!! (You’re my idol)

Ate Che-che, you are in deep sleep now. I know you fought a good fight. You are the TOUGHEST FIGHTER!!! You now deserve a long peaceful rest. As my last whisper to you, I say,  good night and see you Ate Che-che in the morning. God loves you so much that He gave you these challenges to be a blessing to others. I LOVE YOU ATE CHE-CHE…

L-R: with her youngest brother, with my best friend - her only sister, with her 2 kids, with her sister and daughter

Lord, I’m thankful for giving me  chance to be part of their lives… a chance to share Your love with them. I pray that my best friend, together with the rest of her family, will continue to draw strength from You with their loss. We know that her sister is in a much better place now where she is most peaceful and happy. I pray that You’ll guide her husband and children into the path that You have prepared for them, knowing that this will make Cheche very joyful beside you. I pray that after all these months, end even after several years, the life she lived would be a constant reminder to us of her unwavering faith in You. May we always be reminded that in her fight with cancer, she had You as her shield and source of strength. May we be like her who were always grateful of each and every second that she’s still alive, of each and every morning that she still gets to see because of your goodness and mercy… May she be an inspiration for all us to never let go of Your hand when things seem hopeless… In Jesus’s name. Amen.



4 responses to “A Sister’s Love

  1. iamyourme says:

    I have learned through my own experience that the joy of Our Father is saturated the most in the sadness of life. He smiles when we cry because He knows of the joy, Love, and fulfillment which comes after. Be it experienced in this lifetime or the next, we draw closer to Him with each passing moment, no matter the details of that moment. Enjoy the life which has been chosen to Be here on this earth. Love is all around us for Love is what made us and what we are made of.

  2. I’m sorry. 😥 I am going to go call my sister tomorrow now and tell her I love her.

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